kxg.quickstart.main(world_cls, referee_cls, gui_cls, gui_actor_cls, ai_actor_cls, theater_cls=<class 'kxg.quickstart.PygletTheater'>, default_host='localhost', default_port=53351, argv=None)[source]

Run a game being developed with the kxg game engine.


{exe_name} sandbox [<num_ais>] [-v…] {exe_name} client [–host HOST] [–port PORT] [-v…] {exe_name} server <num_guis> [<num_ais>] [–host HOST] [–port PORT] [-v…] {exe_name} debug <num_guis> [<num_ais>] [–host HOST] [–port PORT] [-v…] {exe_name} –help


Play a single-player game with the specified number of AIs. None of the multiplayer machinery will be used.


Launch a client that will try to connect to a server on the given host and port. Once it connects and the game starts, the client will allow you to play the game against any other connected clients.


Launch a server that will manage a game between the given number of human and AI players. The human players must connect using this command’s client mode.


Debug a multiplayer game locally. This command launches a server and the given number of clients all in different processes, and configures the logging system such that the output from each process can be easily distinguished.


The number of human players that will be playing the game. Only needed by commands that will launch a multiplayer server.


The number of AI players that will be playing the game. Only needed by commands that will launch a single-player game or a multiplayer server.

-x –host HOST [default: {default_host}]

The address of the machine running the server. Must be accessible from the machines running the clients.

-p –port PORT [default: {default_port}]

The port that the server should listen on. Don’t specify a value less than 1024 unless the server is running with root permissions.

-v –verbose

Have the game engine log more information about what it’s doing. You can specify this option several times to get more and more information.

This command is provided so that you can start writing your game with the least possible amount of boilerplate code. However, the clients and servers provided by this command are not capable of running a production game. Once you have written your game and want to give it a polished set of menus and options, you’ll have to write your own main() function. The online documentation has more information on this process.